B2B Marketing decisions are tough. But they don’t have to be.

A focused marketing strategy drives the right marketing investment 

It’s up to you to grow your business, and the stakes are high.

Invest energy and resources where it matters most: on marketing that drives measurable results and meaningful business growth.

Before you hire a marketing agency or service provider, set your marketing roadmap in place.

Two paths to success

Ilene Rosenthal, CMO

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Businesses generating over $5MM in revenue with $500k+ allocated to marketing investment over 12 months, a part-time CMO offers the benefits of a CMO partner without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Hire a fractional CMO to optimize and manage your in-house and outsourced teams.

The Marketing Strategy Lab

The Marketing Strategy Lab

If you’re topline revenue is less than $5MM, and your marketing budget is less than 5% of revenue allocated to marketing:

Join the Marketing Strategy Lab to access deep resources and training in a peer group format for 8 weeks.

The outcome: a marketing plan you can commit to, before you hire an agency or in-house staff.

Experience fuels our ability think big and customize. 

Our deep portfolio includes:

Strategy matters.

It’s hard to balance marketing investment needs with financial health. While marketing is considered a cost center, the time has come to think differently about how it will perform effectively against your goals.

No more “spray and pray.” Enough “boiling the ocean.” It’s time to get a strategy in place, resources earmarked, and performance measured.

Yep. You need a marketing strategy 

Abandon Randomness!

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Invest your energy and resources where they matter most.