With a Fractional CMO,
You Get As Much CMO As You Need

CMO Oversight Relief

Chief Marketing Officer oversight is a sigh of relief.

  • There’s an outside perspective that can up-level in-house expertise
  • You’ll access cross-industry intel that can deliver new solutions
  • Outsourced service providers will be guided by a channel-agnostic strategy
  • Gaps in your plan will become clear, quickly

What does CMO relief look like?

  • Marketing investment is concentrated in channels that work for your business – not every business.
  • You see the gaps that stand in the way of success – and you have a plan to fill them.
  • You can trust your team and your outsource providers, so you can focus on your day job.
What CMO Relief Looks Like

Your business deserves the benefits of CMO partner without the commitment of a full-time hire.

How Does Success Happen?

How does success happen?

Streamlined priorities and processes simply
get more done when you:


  • Frame what drives or obstructs success
  • Focus on a defined set of priorities that drive the right strategies
  • Formulate realistic plans, resources, and timetables that map to your growth plan

Do You Need a Fractional CMO?

You might if you’re looking to optimize and manage your in-house and outsourced teams.


Who is this for? Businesses with over $5M in revenue and $500K+ allocated marketing spend over 12 months.

What should I expect? A dedicated marketing partner and advisor who operates as a central member of your leadership team.

Think before you spend

  • Get a channel agnostic perspective on your  marketing investment with a plan and budget  you can trust.

  • Connect  your  marketing strategy  to  your 
    revenue goals, and nothing else.

  • Support  your  team and partners with depth and clarity so they can deliver.

Think Before You Spend

Focus your

your messaging

Invest in efficient
marketing channels

Get realistic on
your KPIs

Define the right talent
to drive results

What our clients are saying

“I didn’t have months and months to figure out the hiring process. I needed an impact on the 2021 business. Ilene integrated quickly and got her hands dirty. We set some pretty aggressive goals for the quarter and exceeded them–three weeks early. Ilene has become a trusted advisor.

Stephanie Harris, Owner + CEO, PartnerCentric

“Our company had aggressive marketing needs in order to achieve our ambitious growth goals. Since 2013, Ilene has helped us develop a high volume of blog, social, video, sales collateral, and lead generating advertising activity so we could support our revenue objectives. This contributed to our $20M, 100% revenue growth over three years.”

David Reim, Chief Product, Marketing, and Privacy Officer, DMD/An IQVIA Business

“We knew we had some heavy lifting ahead of us so we really needed the right fit. If you are looking for strong leadership support in the realm of marketing, Ilene is your person. Consider yourself lucky to work with her.”

Deborah Osburn, CEO, clé tile

About Ilene Rosenthal

I’m the CEO of  White Space Marketing Group, a marketing strategy  consultancy  established in 2012. 

For  16  years I held leadership roles at  Y&R, a global advertising company,  which fueled my  passion for  delivering enterprise-level growth solutions to the SMB sector. 

My channel-agnostic CMO approach has resulted in double-digit revenue growth across a  variety of B2B sectors including healthcare, technology, marketing services, construction, leadership training, and finance. 

I play the marketing ‘grown up in the room’  when a CEO  wants to focus on his or  her  day  job.

Today I serve several businesses as a part-time CMO, and run the Marketing Strategy Lab for small business CEOs and their teams.